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Sleeping Pods in Airports

Sleeping Box–great forward thinking by Arch Group.  I remember a nine hour layover I had in Washington-Dulles once.  It was awful.  No one wants to sleep in those airport chairs.  You’re trying to sleep, but having to keep one eye open, while holding onto your belonging hoping someone doesn’t just come by and pick something up for their own charity. Really, you don’t get to sleep at all.

However, does anyone else foresee a problem here?  How will they monitor these things? What is to keep two people who are very attracted to one another from jumping in there for a couple of hours? I can just see how this is going to go. A child walks by with his mother and asks, Mom, what’s that noise?  I suppose time will tell.


Digital Parenting

In recent weeks, it has become apparent to many parents across America that sitting your child in front of a television and allowing them to watch Baby Einstein videos for hours will not breed a child genius.  Disney has decided to refund families $15.99 for each of their Baby Einstein videos, if they were purchased in the last four years.  This is due to parents claiming the videos did not make their kids child prodigies.

Shocking! I know.  Who would have ever thought that DVDs could not do just as good if not a better job at raising children than their parents?  Have we completely forgotten about the value of social interaction in the wake of technology?  The fact that these children are not all winning the Nobel Peace Prize (although apparently all you have to do now days is want to change something, not actually make any change) had nothing to do with Baby Einstein videos. It’s because their parents believe that a movie can raise their children.  They’re stupid because you are their parents, not because Disney made them that way!

Not all of these parents can be that illogical.  They can not all believe that these videos were going to make their children the next Thomas Edison or George Washington Carver.  This has got to be just another ploy for people to get attention from the news media and sue an organization.  I refuse to believe that there are that many incompetent people raising children in America.

Young Voters and New Media–Senior Thesis

I finished my senior thesis.  It is on the types of new media young voters (18-34) are using and the impact this is having on politics.  I hope you find it as interesting as I did!!

Young Voters and New Media

Robot Exoskeleton in the US Army

Now, I think all or at least most of us have heard of the movie The Terminator (1984) with Arnold Schwarzenegger.  That was exactly what I thought of when I saw this CNN video on a Robotic Exoskeleton the Army is using.  Yes, that’s exactly what I said, robotic exoskeleton.  It allows a person, mainly soldiers to step into the robotic structure and operate it.  It enables average men to lift five-hundred pounds of weight and load missiles onto planes without breaking a sweat.  It doesn’t hinder their ability to maneuver; the person operating the machine can still run and jump.  However, swimming may be out of the picture right now.  

The biotech engineers are currently working on a way to make this robot free-moving.  This way, the soldier would be able to leave the robot and it could continue without someone to direct it.  This would be a great advancement for the US Military.  However, as with all things, we should proceed with care.