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Digital Parenting

In recent weeks, it has become apparent to many parents across America that sitting your child in front of a television and allowing them to watch Baby Einstein videos for hours will not breed a child genius.  Disney has decided to refund families $15.99 for each of their Baby Einstein videos, if they were purchased in the last four years.  This is due to parents claiming the videos did not make their kids child prodigies.

Shocking! I know.  Who would have ever thought that DVDs could not do just as good if not a better job at raising children than their parents?  Have we completely forgotten about the value of social interaction in the wake of technology?  The fact that these children are not all winning the Nobel Peace Prize (although apparently all you have to do now days is want to change something, not actually make any change) had nothing to do with Baby Einstein videos. It’s because their parents believe that a movie can raise their children.  They’re stupid because you are their parents, not because Disney made them that way!

Not all of these parents can be that illogical.  They can not all believe that these videos were going to make their children the next Thomas Edison or George Washington Carver.  This has got to be just another ploy for people to get attention from the news media and sue an organization.  I refuse to believe that there are that many incompetent people raising children in America.


I Am Angry

I am angry.

Angry that our country has become a place where we believe it is okay to give money away to people in return for nothing.  In fact, the more “nothing” one does, the more money they will receive.

I am angry that our country has elected a President whom we are still not certain was actually born an American citizen.  Should we not be certain, without a shadow of doubt, that this is true before we even allow a person to run for the office of President of the United States?

I am angry that Americans have become so immune to “politics” that it does not faze them when a man/woman who represents our country is charged with embezzlement, fraud, DUI, adultery, etc… and I am even more surprised when that man/woman is reelected back into office.

I am angry that the people of America, the land of the free, would elect a man who wants to take away our RIGHT to choose the healthcare plan we want.

I am angry that Americans do not take care of their own.  If believers (christians) across America and the world were doing what we were called to do, there would be no need for welfare, homeless shelters, or any other government funding to take care of these people.

I am angry that people believe everything they read or hear and do not find out information for themselves.  I am angry that this leads to misinformed voters (in all parties), misinformed conversations, and a misinformed America.

I am angry that we elect selfish congressmen and women who attach amendments to bills for their own selfish gains.

I am angry that more Americans are not angry.

Quality Over Quantity

Recently, the media have been giving Senator Jim DeMint a lot of grief about his statement in response to Arlen Specter switching parties.  Senator DeMint stated, “I would rather have 30 Republicans in the Senate who really believe in the principles of limited government, free markets, and free people, than to have 60 that don’t have a set of beliefs.”

I agree with Senator DeMint.  I am a firm believer in QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

When did people quit running for office because they believed in the position? What is the media saying to the American people by rejecting this statement by DeMint? The media is telling Americans that is okay to have people in office who are just there to get paid and don’t really care otherwise what is happening.  Why would we want to continue to elect people like that? 

It’s time we stopped supporting politicians who do not do what they say they will do and do not truly believe and stand for what they say they believe and stand for.  It’s time we take back our country.

Young Voters and New Media–Senior Thesis

I finished my senior thesis.  It is on the types of new media young voters (18-34) are using and the impact this is having on politics.  I hope you find it as interesting as I did!!

Young Voters and New Media

What’s the Real Issue?

Seriously?  This is the question that comes to mind when I think of the issues the media is choosing to discuss during this time of crisis.  It seems like so many people are concerned with whether or not Michelle Obama should be showing her “bare arms” and completely avoiding the fact that our country is facing turmoil.  Are we, as Americans, really that concerned over the First Lady’s arms right now, when there are so many other pressing matters?  

The government is trying to pass a national healthcare system, huge stimulus packages, and all at the  expense of average citizens, yet we are too busy filling our television screens and newspapers with stories and conversations about whether or not we think the First Lady is “properly representing our country”.  As Americans, we really need to stay focused during this time.  Most Americans have no idea what is going on in politics or in our government anyway.  Let’s try not too distract them anymore.