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Fort Bragg and “God’s Army” Outburst

Let me begin by stating that the Chaplain’s office along with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association organized the “Rock the Fort” Concert at Fort Bragg.  It is the Chaplain’s job to nurture the spiritual needs of the soldiers.  It would be a completely different situation had a General or other military official ordered the Chaplain to organize the event. However, that did not happen.  The army website states, “While serving their own faith groups in the Army, chaplains also ensure and provide the means for others to observe their own faith in accordance with US law and regulations.”  This means, it is expected of the Chaplain to meet the needs of the spiritual members of the army.  It would be the same as if a Rabbi were asked to create a special Yom Kippur, Hannukah or Passover Meal event.

This is not about conversion.  It’s about taking care of the soldiers that are already believers and choose to attend concert.  No one is forcing military personnel to go to this concert. Just like no one forces christians to go to concerts on military bases that contain content they do not agree with. MRFF Anti-Christian Attacks.

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State are incorrect in stating that this concert is in violation of the separation of church and state.  They clearly do not understand the reasoning behind the First Amendment.  Thomas Jefferson and James Madison both write that the first amendment serves to establish a wall or division between the church and the state.  Meaning, the purpose was to keep government from intervening, establishing, supporting, or otherwise becoming involved in someone’s religion.  Not to keep people from involving their own religion in government.

It infuriates me that there is mass genocide occurring in countries all across the world, two children are sold into sex slavery every minute, people are starving to death in America, and THIS is what people are upset about?  That a group of christians want to get together and worship? It is time Americans take a look at what is important. We are focusing on issues that do not matter.


Robot Exoskeleton in the US Army

Now, I think all or at least most of us have heard of the movie The Terminator (1984) with Arnold Schwarzenegger.  That was exactly what I thought of when I saw this CNN video on a Robotic Exoskeleton the Army is using.  Yes, that’s exactly what I said, robotic exoskeleton.  It allows a person, mainly soldiers to step into the robotic structure and operate it.  It enables average men to lift five-hundred pounds of weight and load missiles onto planes without breaking a sweat.  It doesn’t hinder their ability to maneuver; the person operating the machine can still run and jump.  However, swimming may be out of the picture right now.  

The biotech engineers are currently working on a way to make this robot free-moving.  This way, the soldier would be able to leave the robot and it could continue without someone to direct it.  This would be a great advancement for the US Military.  However, as with all things, we should proceed with care.