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Jetblue Flight Attendant: Why we should be worried.

I am sure by now you have heard the story behind the Jetblue flight attendant who quit his job with a dramatic exit Monday August 9, 2010 at JFK Airport.  Steven Slater, was hit on the head by a passenger’s luggage and this was apparently all it took for Mr. Slater.  He had reached the breaking point.  He headed straight for the intercom, cursed out the passengers, grabbed a beer, then pulled the emergency chute.

The problem I see here is–Steven Slater made it all the way to his home before he was arrested by the police.

If this had been a passenger, cursing out other passengers, stealing from the beverage carts, and deploying emergency chutes, I would hope the airline staff would have acted quickly to ensure the safety of the other passengers.  So, what happened here?  Did none of the staff on board the plane report Mr. Slater’s behavior?  And if they did, where was the JFK Airport Security?

How was Steven Slater able to insult an airplane full of people, steal, illegally exit an aircraft, and leave the airport without being stopped by the airport security?  If they weren’t alerted by the airplane staff that something had gone a-rye, then the giant emergency chute jutting from the side of the plane should have shot up some red flags.

Why does no one seem to be concerned that this man was able to leave the airport unstopped.  This time no one was physically harmed but it could have been different.


No, I do not want to touch your pregnant belly.

Attention all pregnant women:  I do not want to touch your belly.  It creeps me out.

The times my sister was pregnant, everyone in the family wanted to see the baby kick or feel the baby kick.  Even complete strangers came up to rub her stomache.

Let me stop right here and say, this is not ok.  If you do not know the woman who is pregnant, it is not ok for you to walk up to her and rub her belly.  Doing this makes you weird.

Anyway, back to the point I was making.  It seems that all other people think it is so normal.  Personally, it disturbs me.  Lately I’ve realized this may be a generational thing.  Almost every woman, my age, I have spoken with has the same reaction to being asked, “Do you want to feel the baby kick?”  The answer seems to be overwhelmingly, “No, awkward.”