Stimulus Package

I personally believe that the government is robbing millions of hardworking taxpayers of money and calling it a “stimulus package”.  This past week, Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina had a tough decision to make, to accept or not accept the stimulus package.  This piece of legislations caused a great deal of controversy in this southern state.  There were a lot of protests for and against the stimulus package.  

For those people against it, they believe that since we did not support the stimulus package to begin with, we should stand on our morals and values and continue with that decision.  This means that since the package passed, we, as a state, would not accept it either.  

People protesting for the stimulus package represent two sides to the argument.  One side believes that it was a good move on the governments part and it will help our economy (I completely disagree with this argument).  The other side states that taxpayers in South Carolina are paying for the stimulus package anyway, so we may as well benefit from it.  They especially mention that it will help us to pay more teachers and thus benefit our schools and the future minds of America.  

Now, I can understand both sides.  It is very important to stand by your morals and values.  But, at the same time, if we are going to be paying for the stimulus package anyway, why let all the other states reap the benefits?  Governor Sanford had a tough decision to make, and I do not envy him for it.  Governor Sanford finally did accept the stimulus package, becoming the last governor in the country to do so.


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