What’s the Real Issue?

Seriously?  This is the question that comes to mind when I think of the issues the media is choosing to discuss during this time of crisis.  It seems like so many people are concerned with whether or not Michelle Obama should be showing her “bare arms” and completely avoiding the fact that our country is facing turmoil.  Are we, as Americans, really that concerned over the First Lady’s arms right now, when there are so many other pressing matters?  

The government is trying to pass a national healthcare system, huge stimulus packages, and all at the  expense of average citizens, yet we are too busy filling our television screens and newspapers with stories and conversations about whether or not we think the First Lady is “properly representing our country”.  As Americans, we really need to stay focused during this time.  Most Americans have no idea what is going on in politics or in our government anyway.  Let’s try not too distract them anymore.


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